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Labour is one of the important factors of production in the economy besides entrepreneurship, land and technology. In short, in an economic cycle, firms employ individuals to produce goods and services to meet intermediate and final demand. Returns to factors of production in the form of salaries and wages will be received by individuals and households to ensure survival and well -being of the society. Labour market statistics measure the supply and demand of labour in the economy for the production of goods and services to gain profit or wage; the labour force and unemployment situation; potential labour force; as well as characteristics of the labour market and its operation. Labour market statistics spans across multiple dimensions including education, health and the economy.

Malaysian Bureau of Labour Statistics (MBLS) is a new entity under the purview of Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) which was formalised in 2020. The functions of MBLS among others are to compile, estimate, analyse and disseminate official labour market statistics; work towards refinement and strengthening the methodology and production of a more holistic and granular labour market indicators; and innovate data analysis by increasing reliance to administrative and emerging data sources through development of integrated platform.

Multiple labour statistics released on a scheduled frequency include monthly, quarterly and annual labour force statistics; quarterly employment statistics which reported labour demand by the industry; quarterly labour productivity statistics; salaries & wages survey report; and annual graduates’ statistics. In depth narrative is also published quarterly through Labour Market Review which also highlight labour market issues, methods and developments of new indicators in the form of technical articles.

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