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Noraliza Mohamad Ali; Nur Layali Mohd Ali Khan

Labour Supply Statistics: Challenges and Way Forward


From the perspective of labour supply, Labour Force Survey (LFS) has been conducted in Malaysia since 1972 to cover selected regions in the country. Since 1982, the coverage has been extended to produce national annual estimates of labour force statistics. With economic and social developments and transitions nationally and globally, the frequency and disaggregation was further improved to quarterly and later monthly estimates at national and state levels.

Ever since the inceptions of the LFS, concepts, definitions and classifications has been reviewed and adopted accordingly with the recommendations of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and best practices of other National Statistical Offices. Considering the frequency of disseminations of LFS statistics, at times, the information has been overly utilised and has been the subject of misinterpretation when used as a replacement or proxies to other unavailable labour market the statistics of labour supply through household approach to cater and complement the other dimensions of labour market statistics.

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