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Siti Asiah Ahmad; Noraliza Mohamad Ali; Nur Layali Mohd Ali Khan; Nur Hurriyatul Huda Abdullah Sani; Nurfarahin Harun

The Need to Develop Labour Accounts in Malaysia: An Assessment


Labour statistics in Malaysia are available from various sources. These statistics are compiled using different approaches, at different intervals or frequencies and at times adopting different concepts and definitions. This is due to the difference in objectives and purposes of the data collection. Often, these statistics can be found scattered across agencies. The presence of these statistics offers opportunity for Malaysia to develop labour account. The statistics can provide information on the transition from employment, unemployment and inactivity in four quadrants which presents statistics on jobs, persons, volume and payments.

Therefore, this paper aimed to study the feasibility to develop labour accounts in Malaysia as well as to study all the possible data sources needed to materialize the accounts. The Malaysian Labour Account results are important for statistical offices and also data users because with labour account, contradictory result between data sources can be eliminated and a comprehensive overview of the situation on labour market is possible.

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