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Nur Hurriyatul Huda binti Abdullah Sani

Analysis of the mobile phones prices in malaysia using web scraped data


  • UN Working Group on Big Data, 2014 explore the utilization of new information sources and technology advancement for the official statistics.
  • Concern on the data collections of online price.
  • NSOs (UK, US, Korea, Italy, Netherland, Japan, MALAYSIA‚Ķ) have started to consider the use of online data for official Consumer Price Index (CPI), (Cavallo, 2017).
  • DOSM (StatsBDA), 2017 has developed Price Intelligence (PI) as an alternative and compliment approach for the data collection method.
  • 2.5 quintillion bytes of data produced everyday. 90% data is unstructured,(Do bre and Xhafa, 2014).
  • Largest source of data is online data
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